Hi Doc and Happy New Year! My name is Susan Anderson, and I became familiar with your work through Tom Woods' and/or Daniel Horowitz's podcast (I believe). I have been a subscriber to your Substack as well as the Renegade Health Substack for quite some time, and wanted to reach out to tell you how much I admire your relatable and straightforward writing style as well as your courage in speaking out against the driving healthcare system/Big Pharma narratives. I have been in the healthcare field (on the non-clinical side working directly with physicians) since receiving my MPH in 2004. I began to recognize even then that something was "off" with the direction our public health experts were taking our once fee-for-service and transparent healthcare system. Fast forward...Obamacare, the recent COVID response, Big Pharma's and our Medical Associations' grip on our medical professionals and my fellow Americans, and my innate love of individual and informed choice has led me to become a strong advocate for healthcare freedom and naturopathy. I am exploring a career move, because I would very much like to contribute to this important medical freedom movement. I am a passionate writer but I also have many transferrable skills that I've obtained in my 20 year professional career. I would welcome an opportunity to learn more about you and your journey and any direction you would point me in where help is needed and I could make a difference. I understand your schedule is busy, so I’m also happy to pass along some questions via email if that’s easier for you. Respectfully, Susan Anderson soozanderson4@gmail.com

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